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Connecting you to your potential
At OpenBox Solutions, Our Mission since day one has been to harness the power of the network of our customers, partners and employees. We started with a singular vision we call Network Computing, which is built on a simple idea: the larger the Network becomes, the stronger it is. That is why we foster an environment of inclusion: every unique perspective and set of experiences makes the Network stronger. Our goal is to put that strength to work for you, connecting you to opportunities, people, ideas and potential that can only live in an open and inclusive workplace.

A different point of view
At OpenBox Solutions, we have a different way of looking of the world.

We’ve set our sights on building a world-class company where success is achieved through teamwork – where talented, innovative people, brimming with bold, new ideas are seen working together. A workplace that’s alive and exciting – where diversity is viewed as our greatest asset and the contributions of everyone makes a difference. Everyday brings a positive challenge.

Here you’ll find a place where individual perspectives help us to see in all the directions and open minds open doors.

It’s where people are valued for who they are and how they see the world and not how the world sees them.

We are Unique
Our Perspective. Our People. Our Responsibilities.

We are winners because we think differently. We know that new technologies mean new opportunities -for you, for us, for everyone everywhere.

Each member of our team brings something special to our search of the next big idea in our businesses. It’s the combined talent and vision of every member of the OpenBox Solutions Inc. family that fuels our drive. There’s a unique spirit here. It’s everything but ordinary, and everything you’d expect from the team that’s building the future of the company.

OpenBox Solutions Headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI and with the offshore development and support in India.

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