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How are you delivering strategic services to meet your business goals? From up-front planning, to infrastructure deployment, to procurement? From your data center, to your help desk, out to your mobile devices?

OpenBox Solutions Inc. helps you gain increased visibility into service delivery by helping you develop business focused processes and governance models. We also deliver managed services with the same level of transparency. Including dashboards that show you how well we are performing.

We have the multi-vendor expertise and services you need. Whether you need help making business vision a reality. Designing processes to support new solutions. Or developing a more effective approach to ongoing support and maintenance requirements.

We take a lifecycle approach to all projects and deliver on the goals and deliverables for each stage — Plan, Build, Run, and Monitor. We view every project through this prism and meet the challenges inherent in each stage. As a result, we’ve developed service offerings that map to individual stages of this framework, creating efficiencies and improving effectiveness at every step along the way.

You can leverage our services for each phase or bring us in at a particular point based on your specific need. Whatever you decide, our experts are adept and add immediate value at every stage of the project.

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