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The telecommunications and media sectors are becoming increasingly competitive: the communication services market has almost reached the point of saturation; Wireline and Wireless markets base their strategies on customer loyalty, diversification and the delivery of new and innovative services.

The excellence of customer centric strategies, in other words the deployment of a CRM strategy, is the first fundamental step enabling operators to deliver value added, customized and diverse services, thus leading to a profitability improvement.

The media market segment is expanding its offering through new technologies such as video-on-demand, adopting business model customarily applied by telephony operators but in which content is the main focus. In-depth understanding of customer preferences is therefore the key to success, leading to the growth of both the overall customer base and the customer value.

We help customers achieve their business objectives by delivering sophisticated process and technology consulting services.

OpenBox Solutions Inc. offers solutions such as:
  • Business Integration solutions to streamline business processes and enable their integration with Billing systems
  • Business Intelligence projects enabling customer centric analysis of information collected through multiple Key Performance Indicators.
  • Contact Center repositioning solutions, for a stronger focus on efficiency and the streamlining and rationalization of the Center by leveraging the most innovative technological and applicative solutions such as Voice Portal, Workforce Management, and VoIP based systems. Key Performance Indicator and Service Level measuring systems are core to the overall solution
  • Complementary solutions for a holistic approach to Relationship Management including PRM solutions (e.g. to manage point of sales network of trade partners), sales force automation (to manage business customers), technical customer service networks
  • Marketing Automation for effective management of marketing programs/initiatives
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